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 Mother and in Infant 




1940. Born in the Blitz. London.

 I am currently living and working in Spain, near Granada in Andalucia, Southern Spain.

Spending time in this strong light with the earth colours of the local countryside and the

somewhat harsh character of the landscape, has caused my work to develope in all

sorts of different directions.  

I draw and paint a lot  from life but my main work is abstract and is attempting to

compose on canvas with colour and line  not unlike how a composer uses sound.

I love experimenting and am constantly exploring new possibilities. Recently I have been

painting on  glass and Perspex, both sides which starts to give a three dimensional feel;

this has lead me to starting  to work with light, moving away from the flat picture plain and

illusory depth and wanting to create colour fields with light and laser light.

I am also working on ideas for interactive installations that you could move around in, in collaboration with Jim Webb, a laser expert.

My work seems to move quite naturally from figuration to abstraction to totally abstract. 

Although figuration is the starting point for my work, it is not the primary concern. My

personal aim is to make paintings that resonate through their use of colour and their formal

qualities, opening that space in the brain which leads to heightened awareness.

In summary it has been said that all Art aspires to the condition of music. Obviously all

the arts are very closely allied feeding into and from each other, however I am interested

in the primacy of sight and how equally music can be described in terms of colour.

Caroline Cary.



Camberwell College of Art

Chelsea College of Art. Under Professor Lawrence Gowing

1975. Made life time member of Free Painters and Sculptors



1975 Loggia Gallery, London

1976 Loggia Gallery, London

1977 Langton Gallery, London

1978 Gallery Watutu, Nairobi, Kenya

1979 Langton Gallery, London

1982 Langton Gallery, London

1983 Century Gallery, Henley-on-Thames

1985 Lord Leighton's Studio, Leighton House, London

1986 Gallerie Souham, Paris

1990 Sue Rankin Gallery, London

1992 Sue Rankin Gallery, London

1993 Z Gallery, 70 Green St. Soho, New York

1994 Studio Show for Chelsea Arts Festival

1995 Studio Show for Chelsea Arts Festival

1996 Successful completion of large wall painting for

private clients in Florida

Studio Show for the Chelsea Festival

1997 "May Fest". Shared solo exhibition for three artists for Lena Boyle

1999 The Millinery Works, London

2000 Art London for Lena Boyle

Solo Show for Vital Arts at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel

2001 Sam Pease of the Corporate Connoisseurs

2002 The Art Gallery for Sam Pease (Corporate Connoisseurs)

at the Viva Espana Exhibition at Olympia, London

Carlysle Gallery, London

2004 New Grafton Gallery, Barnes, London.

2006 Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham, London.

2008. Office Show for ICG. city of London.

2009. Studio 106.

2009. Collaboration for an installation of Paintings and Laser Light,

between  Cary and Webb Chain Store 2 at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14.

2012. Studio 106 Art Gallery, LondonS SW6. Installation, collaboration

with Jim Webb. Laser Light and Paintings on Perspex.

2014.  Studio 106 Art Gallery in conjunction with Center of Contemporary

Art Montenegro celebrating the fifth anniversary of the opening of the

Gallery 106 in London. (Paintings and also in collaboration with Jim Webb 

an Installation with transparent paintings and Laser Light .)

2014/2015. Artist in Residence with the OCG Symphony Orchestra of Granada,

Spain followed by a Solo Show in the Manuel de Falla Concert Hall.

2016.Cary&Webb in Collaboration with Gallery106 and Ca'Zanardi Venice.

Followed by Caroline Cary Solo Show in Gallery106, London.

2021. Chelsea Arts Club.




1994 Winner of the Palette Prize for Mixed Media in The Art Show

2001 Winner of Vital Arts Aquisition Prize for Painting for the permanent

collection of The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel.


2016.Collaborative Intergovernmental Scientific Research Institute, 

CISRI Award for her lifetime dedication to Art.







1971/73/75/77 The Mall Galleries, London

1974 Guildford University

1982 Clarges Gallery, London

1983 Jonathan Poole Gallery, London

1984 Clark Fine Art, London

1988 Park Walk Gallery, London

1989 Gallery 202, London

Riverside Gallery, Putney, London

1990 Austin Desmond Fine Art, Huxham, Devon

1991 Easter Show of Five Painters, William Desmond Fine Art, Devon

Devon's Leading Painters, Gordon Hepworth Gallery, Devon

Christmas Show, Sue Rankin Gallery, London

1993 Sue Rankin Gallery at Islington Art Fair

Christmas Show, Sue Rankin Gallery, London

1994 Christmas Show, Christopher Hull Gallery, London

1995 Lena Boyle

1996 Lena Boyle, "Faces & Figures"

1997 Chelsea Art Fair for Lena Boyle

Art '97. The Art Fair. Islington. (For Lena Boyle)

1998 Art' 98. The Art Fair. Islington. (For Lena Boyle)

1999 Art on Paper - Royal College (For Lena Boyle)

2000 Art on Paper - Royal College (For Lena Boyle)

2001 Chase Exhibition for Charity Organised by Sam Pease of Corporate Connoisseur

Proyecto Lam, Evocacion Estetica, Homenaje a Iberoamerica (Touring exhibition in Spain and Latin America)

2002 Singer and Friedlander Water Colour Competition

Contemporary British Art. 40” x 40”. The Millinery Works Gallery

Artistas Britanicos Del Siglo XX. Centro Cultural. Gran Capitan, Granada. Spain.

2003 Singer and Friedlander Water colour Competition

New Grafton Gallery Summer Show.

Piers Feetham Summer Show.

New Grafton Christmas Show.

2004 Art London. New Grafton Gallery.

The Affordable Art Fair. New Grafton Gallery.

The Affordable Art Fair.Piers Feetham Gallery.

2005. Piers Feetham gallery. Summer Show
2005. The New Grafton Gallery. Christmas Show.

2006. The New Grafton Gallery. Summer Show.” A Splash of Colour".

The Piers Feetham Gallery. Summer Show."Feast".

 2008. Associacion de Sand Pit Club. Chite. Spain.

2009.  Studio 106.

2010. Group Show for Stephen Howes. Mijas. Spain.

2011. Group Show Vanguard Court Artists.Vanguard Court. Camberwell.

2011. Mixed Show. Mesón de la Cultura Fuengirola organised by Stephen Howes.

2011. Mixed Show. Casino Puerto Banus organised by Stephen Howes.

2011. Open Studios Vanguard Court, Camberwell.

2017. Acompalia group show for charity at the Azucera Factory Motril,Spain.