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 Dream SpainMother and in InfantButterfly. 3. Royal Academy 250th Summer Exhibition 2018 

                                                                                           CAROLINE  CARY



                                      LATEST EXHITION LONdDON 2021

                                             CHELSEA ARTS CLUB

                       EXHIBITED AT THE 250th ROYAL ACACDEMY SUMMER SHOW 2018.


                                            EXHIBITIONS 2016.  

                                      VENICE and LONDON.2016


             CARY & WEBB. 

Caroline Cary in collaboration with Jim Webb.
           CLOSE UP: 
     Towards Midnight Part 1.

 GALLERY 106  in conjunction with PALAZZO CA’ ZANARDI .March 22-April 2. 2016
      GALLERY 106.

 106 Dawes Road, SW6. 7EG. April 22 - May14. 2016.

 CLOSE UP.Towards Midnight Part 2.
           CAROLINE  CARY.

  Videos CarolineCary & Jim Webb. Close Up:Towards Midnight can be found on youtube


 2016.AWARDED A Medal for a lifetime dedication to CISRI.

      (Collaborative Intergovernmental Scientific Research Institute).


            After lockdown. CHELSEA ARTS CLUB.main wall.


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